Makush Art Gallery shares house and business with its namesake Italian Restaurant, located in a trendy Bole area, the new downtown of Addis Ababa, capital city of Ethiopia. A treat to your eyes as well as palate, Makush Gallery and Restaurant, is a testament to the burgeoning art sense in Addis Ababa. 

Tesfaye Hiwet, the owner of Makush gallery as well as the restaurant, moved back to Ethiopia 13 years ago, leaving behind his expatriate life in U.S., and started Makush gallery by carrying works by 15 artists. Today, Makush has about 70 artists on its books and at any given time, a collection of more than 650 paintings from which customers can choose.

Makush’s art director, Nathaniel Yohannes, runs a tight ship considering the stylistic and thematic diversity of paintings carried by the gallery; mostly by young and emerging artists, giving very competitive market prices that has captured the attention of Makush’s mainly (about 65%) expatriate market in Ethiopia. Makush also offers the services of its frame workshop, rounding up the pleasurable art-shopping experience.  

Located on Bole Road, 1st floor Mega Building, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Tel: +251 115 526 848/115 526 855; Opening hours: Monday - Sunday 11:00am - 11:30pm 



Netsa (which means free in Amharic) Arts Village was established in 2008 by eleven graduates of Addis Ababa University’s School of Fine Arts and Design with the aim of promoting contemporary art in Ethiopia and giving emerging artists a platform for exchange, discussion and debate on all issues related to art; to stimulate the quality, development and context of contemporary art practice in Ethiopia.



The city of Addis Ababa supports the project by allowing artists to use part of Ferensay Park, a large urban green space. With the support of the Addis Ababa Goethe-Institute, a dome-shaped structure was built to house various art events. Netsa Arts Village provides Ethiopian artists with a forum for networking, communication, and dynamic exchange. Concerts, readings, video presentations, discussions, and exhibitions bring artists and the local communities together, celebrating examples of good art-practices, creating a living museum of contemporary art. Several projects, many of them interdisciplinary, involve youths from socially disadvantaged neighborhoods, such as the photo-based exploration of urban space organized by Leyikun Nahusenay. Netsa Arts Village is almost entirely financed by the artists themselves, but also cooperates and is supported by different networks for contemporary art such as the Triangle Network,  Kuona Trust, ASNI GalleryTownhouse Gallery, and Arts Collaboratory.

Address: Near French Embassy Inside Ferensay Park, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia/ +251911941678/ +251916585758/