Nuru Abegaz

Nuru Abegaz graduated from the Addis Ababa University’s School of Fine Arts and Design in 1997. “A blank space, be it paper, glass, or object presents itself as a challenge, which I try to meet, using my inner compass as a guide; over the years I have been developing my personal vocabulary’, says Nuru.




“For seven years during my ‘Gray parade’, I restricted myself to the use of white and black paint exploring the possibilities of tonal value, composition and the placement of the human figure in often distorted spaces. I tried to reflect on the human condition through a personal and emotional view point; and seven years ago I discovered electrical tape (nastro) as a suitable medium” he adds. “Although the choice of colors are limited, the overlapping and layering (due to the semi-transparency of nastro) of the primary colors and deliberately leaving part of the surface blank allows me to achieve a vibrating, energetic life to the work”, explains Nuru.

“Drawing has been and still continues to be an important part of my work; and drawing with nastro has opened a new aesthetic for me - due to both the limitations as well as flexibility that the mediums offer. During my journey on the surface, I attempt to find balance and visual rhythm in the composition” he comments. 

Nuru lives and works in Addis Ababa; and has taken part in numerous group and solo exhibitions.