Yisehak Sahle

Yisehak Sahle specializes in the lighter and more innocent side of the art realm - not to say that painting art for children is any less complex and involved. In fact, as an art teacher (he has been teaching art to children since 2010 and is presently working in the  Montessorian International School in Addis Ababa), he enjoys the  perfect platform to navigate, nurture and encourage the artistic talents of the young, all the while  deriving creative inspiration from the very same children he teaches, helping him captivate elements of joy and purity on his canvas for his work as a studio artist.  

Yisehak specializes in children's art. He is currently working on a coloring book and an animation film for children. Artistic resources for the younger populous is highly unattended area in Ethiopia. Yisehak’s endeavors is a crucial step to try and address the demand for arts targeted for children. 

Yisehak has a Diploma in fine arts and graphic arts. He has held a solo art exhibition in Asi Gallery in Addis Ababa 2012, and partook in a number of group exhibitions in Ethiopia such as in the Ethiopian National Museum, Alliance Ethio-Francis, and the Ethiopian National Theater. He has participated in the Four Freedoms’ Art Competition coordinated by the Embassy of the United States of America in Addis Ababa, and in the Research & Conservation of Cultural Heritage art competition for the New African Union headquarters building in Addis Ababa.